Barraclough: a gift to Joshua

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This bible, in good condition, will be of interest to three groups of people; the family researchers of Joshua Barraclough, a headmaster in Cawthorne, near Barnsley, those interested in the famous Spencer Stanhope family, who presented the bible to Joshua, and to local historians for Cawthorne. The first flyleaf is written in copperplate in the hand of the Misses Spencer Stanhope as a presentation to Joshua in 1870. The second flyleaf has an immaculately listed set of records for Joshua, and his siblings, with notes for their parents. The inside of the first flyleaf has some other pencil entries listing the marriages etc of some of the more formally listed people. It was published in 1868, by Oxford University Press. It is in classic black bible binding, and about 10 inches tall, by about 7 wide and just over two thick. The binding and the pages are all secure and there is a loose silk page marker. Inside the rear cover is a bookseller's sticker for a bookseller in Barnsley. This will be a real treasure to the family descendants of Joshua Senior and Joshua Junior. It cost me a little more than usual to rescue and so the price is a little higher than my average. But still a lot, lot lower than some of the ludicrous pricings of some entries on Ebay.

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