Reuniting Family Bibles

I've been doing my own family history for 40 years, since my father asked to find out who he was.  In recent years I have realised that there are lots of Family Bibles that family researchers would love to find, but it never works that way!  So I have been slowly buying unwanted family bibles and putting them on this website for researchers to find.  I don't enter into competetive bidding with others where I think they may want the bible for their own research.  But there are many out there who want them for the plates, and buy them to tear up and extract the pictures.  Also, I am frequently saddened by comments like "this was my granmother's bible but we are not religious so we are selling it."!  Of course there will be someone else who does want it.  I don't make a lot of money out of this.  I only sell two or three each year.  The stock is increasing faster than the sales.  If you want to check me out my family website is  Thank you for reading.  Ian Lucraft