Sold Bibles

Why do I keep the sold bibles in this website?

Because if you are trying to trace your family bible, to find any record of it would be wonderful.  Even better would be to know where it is and what was written in it.  When I get a bible I usually take a photo/copy of the family record entries, and file it away, so that even when I sell one, which is not often, I still can access the data that the bible contained.  So if a bible is sold another interested researcher could ask me for two things.  What information was in the bible?  I can send a scan of the copy.  Where is the bible now?  I can pass on the request to the person who bought the bible, so that if the purchaser is prepared to respond to the enquirer that would help two researchers into the same family make contact.  The option to respond is in the purchaser's decision.

I would just point out that as the host for my website has upgraded to a new "improved" system my data is a bit erratic, and for some of the older items you may not be able to see the "Sold" flag.  I am working through this, but will always respond to any enquiry.

Best wishes