Terms and Conditions

We only advertise items which we hold in stock. 

All statements about the content of information in the item will be guaranteed, or a full refund, including postage, will be made if any statement about the content is inaccurate.

Statements about the families to which the item may be connected are speculative, and are the responsibility of the purchaser to verify.  Any information given to indicate the families that may be connected is not guaranteed, and will only have been sourced from publicly available web services.  Such information is given in good faith, and if such information is not correct in any way, or not connected to the item for sale, Family Bibles will not accept any responsibility nor make any refund based on the supporting information.

We will not provide any research services in support of the items for sale.

We will answer reasonable questions in respect of the item itself.

The descriptions given of the condition of the item will be as accurate as we can make them.  They are not related to any specific quality grading scale, but are intended to give a general view of the condition to support the photos.

Items will be despatched within 5 working days of receipt of payment.  When payment has not been received within 30 days of agreement to purchase, the sale will be void.

The purchase price does NOT include postage or carriage.  Each item will be assessed for carraige at the point of sale, taking account of the destination and the wishes of the purchaser, and added to the purchase price of the item.

Payments must be through Paypal, or personal cheque.  Personal cheques will be cleared before the tiem is despatched.  Payment details wil be provided on agreement to purchase.