Cox and Brittain Family Bible, of Luton, Hawnes and Warden

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Here is an old family bible printed in 1862 by George E Eyre and William Spottiswoode. In very good condition for age - cover is intact all pages are gilt edged. Couple of small tears on plain sheets at the front and back but the printed pages appear to be all in tact. There are details of family members: Richard COX, born April 13th 1844 and Martha BRITTAIN born Sept 23rd 1841 - married April 12, 1866. Various others - family name HARE, WALKER, WALLIS, GILBERT, SALMON, COT, CLARK. There is also an old photograph tucked inside of a lady and younger girl outside a cottage. I have done a small tree of the family and researched the census deetails for the family, so if you contact me I can help.
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