Earle and Hills Family Bible

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This bible, published in 1890, with the British and Foreign Bible Society logo embossed on the front cover, is about 9 inches by 5 inches and just over 2 inches thick. The black cover is in good condition and all the pages except one are securely bound. The fly leaves are ruled by the printer, for entering records, and they start with the record of the birth of Eliza Ann Hills in 1828, giving the time of birth. So the family entries which carry on until the last entry for 1871, Eliza's death, were all written up after the bible was purchased. It looks like there were two or three hands at various times. Page two starts with George Earle's birth in 1776, and after that it is a mix of Earle and Hills. Inside the back cover is a full page from the front of the Christian Herald of 19 June 1902 with the coronation of Edward V11. Also there is a leaflet from 1868 with the rules of the Faversham Baptist Congregational Church. (I have offered the church a photocopy of these rules if they want them. If any purchaser of the bible is not interested in these rules, then I would offer the leaflet to the church if they wanted it.) I believe this is family bible of the family of George Earle, who was a shipwright in Frindsbury (Medway) in 1841.

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