Hooper and Cuddeford Family Bible

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This bible was given to William John Smith Hooper, in 1840, by his mother, Sarah Hooper, (nee Cuddeford). The flyleaf lists Sarah's marriage in 1812, and William's marriage in 1846 to Carmella Roberts Cuddeford, and then their three children and the deaths of three of these people, neatly written out with a black line scribed round each of these three death entries. The first title page has a manuscript entry by Sarah, of the gift to her son, and the phrase "A mother's gift". (The following information is not from the bible, but is from various research sites.) William Hooper snr. may have been born in Tiverton. William John Smith Hooper and Carmella Roberts were both born in Plymouth. William John Smith Hooper, his son, was first an insurance clerk in Exeter in the 1851 census, while Carmella was still alive. By 1881 he is an accountant, still in Exeter, but now married again. Please note that postage will be about £8, and is in addition to the purchase price. Thank you
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