Lewtas Family Bible (Liverpool and Tranmere)

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The family is John and Susannah Lewtas and their 10 children, and shows their birth (and some death) dates from then to 1803. The bible itself is a fairly old (1778 edition published by Hill and Blagdon in Bristol) and is medium size, but thick!. It is printed on old paper, like the earlier bibles, and is absolutely not a victorian type family bible. It is a genuine bible for use, and it shows. There are other photos showing where the bible has been restored, well first few pages significantly repared or re-mounted, but it is all there. The cover has been re-covered with fabric, and you can see the old pattern in the fabric. There are several striking plates (illustrations). PS I have the 1851 census showing four of the siblings living in Tranmere. If you want to communicate with me about this please do. I have some other pictures if you want to see more, but there are no more pages of data. It cost be more than usual to rescue this bible and so the price is a bit more than some of the other listings, but on the other hand this is by far the earliest bible I've got.
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