Dr Johnson of Hull and London

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The first volume of a prestigious multi-volume bible, in which the family of Dr Chrales Hargitt Johnson is recorded.  It is the first volume of a multi-volume bible, in very good condition.  There is no date on the bible, but it appears to come from the middle of the 19th century.

One hand has recorded the births and marriage of Charles and his wife Isabella Raines on the marriages page, in an excellent handwriting.  On the second page the births of six children.

The bible has some lovely black and white engravings, with their tissue protection pages.  It is in good condition, and it is large and heavy.  It measures about 12 inches wide by 15 inches tall.  It has a leather spine which is partially detatached at the lower end of the spine.  All the pages are there and wll bound.  The bible has in fact been little used.

Because this is such a large and heavy bible the price for delivery will have to be agreed with the purchaser according to the form of carraige required.

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