Westacott of South Molton Devon

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This Bible is now SOLD.  A small old genuine bible of the Westacott family.  With an early print date of 1827, and first child entry of 1842 this is a real family bible, not a later vVctorian version.  It belonged to William Westacott and lists in the front flyleaf his birth in 1837,  His wife Ann's birth in 1841 is then listed with the village of South Molton.  On the next flyleaf there are the births of four children.  The bible is about 7 inches by 5 inches, and 3 inches think.  It is a small household bible, and embossed with the SPCK markings.  The whole bible is here; there are a number of pages in the middle that are semi-detached, but still sit in the right place in the bible.  There are 3 ferns preserved in the pages, and it is bound in a typical brown leather.  This is a genuine bible of the family.

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