Thorowgood Family Bible 1817

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This is a very large family bible, (17x11 inches) of the old style tall shape from the early 19th century.  It was printed in 1817, so Ann's first record of her own birth predates the bible itself.  Then there are listed seven children from 1815 to 1827.  The bible is in a very sorry state.  The bacl cover is gone.  The front cover is loose, and its leather cover very badly damaged, as you can see in the photo.  It is a 'printed' bible, with loose type printing, whose indentations are easily visble.  There are wonderful old plates for pictures.  It is worth nothing to a collector, except for the early plates.  But to the family it would be a real heirloom.  I am sure this is the family bible of Samuel Thoroghgood and Ann Cordery of Dagenham, though why Ann did not record Samuel I am not sure! The surname appears differently in different sources.

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