Harrison family bible

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This is a full size Victorian family bible with lots of full plate colour lithographs. In the family section between the Old and New Testaments there is an inscribed list of the children of Thomas, including Daniel, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary Eyre and six more; one called 'Farewell'. The children are born between 1823 and 1862, so I suspect there may be more than one brood represented here! The 1851 census shows the family living in Crimicar Lane in Sheffield. Also in the bible are a number of papers. A printed programme for the Easter services at the Victoria and Albert Methodist Halls in Sheffield in 1921. A supplement page from the Sheffield newspaper in 1880 of Mark Firth. A print of a coloured painting and a few loose papers. A memorial printed notice for Joseph Hall, died 1876 in Sheffield. The bible was published in Glasgow in 1864, some years after the births that are recorded. It is in good condition and is fully attached to itself! This is a very heavy bible. Collection in Sheffield would be easy as that's where I live. Post in the UK would be a lot; courier would be cheaper. Will find price if anyone is interested.

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