Hall, Tomlinson, Oxley bible

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This is the family bible of the Hall family, whose children are listed inside the front flyleaf, starting with Elizabeth Hall in 1836. The second child, Jane Hall, born 1838, was buried in Burngreave cemetery, close to where I have lived and worked for 35 years, when she was about 34. There is no reference to the parents, so it is difficult to be sure which family this is. I have a couple of ideas, and will contact them, but these initial ideas may not be right. If you want to ask I will be happy to try to identify entries with you to make certain. After the Hall children, there is then on the next page two Tomlinson entries, both in Sheffield, followed by three Oxley deaths, all in 1950, two of whom are listed in Sheffield. The bible itself is a strongly bound black boarded bible, about 11 inches by 8 inches and nearly 4 inches think. It was published in 1837, and is in good condition.

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