Johnson and Mainwaring family bible

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This is a fair sized bible, (about 12 inches by 10 inches, and 4 inches think), that has been well used. The covers are loose but connected, and the spine cover is also loose but connected. The first few pages are loose, and badly scuffed round the edges through frequent viewing I suspect. The bible was published in the 1830's, (1835 I think), and though the entries for the parents' births are for 1824, their marriage was in 1844, and the children followed. It has a whole two pages full of detailed entries, most of which appear to be contemporaneous. The family is that of Ambrose Johnson and Mary Mainwaring; the names of their parents are also listed. Then there are over a dozen children then listed over two pages, with the writing getting worse, and I think the last ones may be the next generation, but I have not checked it all. This appears to be the family that lived in Tunstall, where Ambrose was a potter.

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