Needley bible

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THIS BIBLE HAS NOW BEEN SOLD : This isn't a "Family Bible" as such, but it was given by a dad to his daughter, Barbara Ethel Needley, in 1896, who then recorded in the bible that he had been lost on the ill-fated "Defence" at the battle of Jutland, on 31 May 1916, at the age of 46. At some point, before the death note, is a pencil entry for the birth of Barbara. The bible is a small one, about 6 by 4 inches, and covered in a leatherette-style cover, which overlaps the pages and encloses almost completely the page edges. Two items inside are a preserved pair of leaves, and a business card from Major Charles Sylvester, "via Siberia" from his base in Korea. On the reverse of the card there are printed words in what might be Korean or Chinese. I don't know the date or connection for this. There was a Charles Sylvester, and American diplomat who died recently who was a fourth generation China specialist, and it is possible this is the card of this man. But why?

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