Tuckley and Lunn of Darlaston family bible

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This bible has now been SOLD.  The New Testament is approx 9 inches by 6 inches, by 1.5 inches thick. It was publiushed in 1824, with board covers which are both still attached. Embossed on the cover is the logo of the British and Foreign Bible Society. The brown covers look lovely and authentic. The flyleaf is detached, but otherwise all the pages are secure. The cover and flyleaf have family entries in ink for Thomas Tuckely and Nancy Lunn the first of which is dated 1808 (before the bible was printed). Then stuck in is an old page with the family entries for the chidlren of Thomas and Susannah Lunn from 1789, together with notes of their deaths, and the death of one of their sons. Overleaf is an 1838 inscription for Emma Tuckley in beautiful copperplate, and on the next page an entry about Mr George Clarkson, "at Mr Abrm. Ginn, Wakefield". Also on that page a name and date for Mary A Bates. On the final page at the end of Revelation is a pencil mark of "Darlaston". On the inside back cover is stuck an 8x4 approx advert for Rounds, the bootmaker at Wednesbury Road in Pleck. I believe this is the bible of the Lunn and Tuckley families of Darlaston.

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