Footman family bible

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This beautiful small (6 inch by 4inch) bible once belonged to Benjamin Footman, a boatman, or bargee, who was moored in his barge, the "Rose of June", when the 1881 census was taken. It lists his father Joseph Footman, who was a policeman in the 1851 census and Benjamin's siblings, and then Benjamin himself and his children up to Emily in 1890. The three flyleaf pages are filled with their names and dates. There are a couple more manuscript entries in the back cover, and Joseph's wife Sarah's death is noted on the page facing the titles. The bible was once held by two clasps, even for a small book like this, and only one of the clasps remains. The front cover board is detatched, but the book is complete, and the pages all bound securely. The cover is embossed with the words "Naval and Military Bible Society" for whom it was published in 1845. Please note postage is extra, but this is a small bible and will only be a couple of punds or so.
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